Give thanks for little blessings

With never more than what seemed like a few minutes without rain in the past week, and with the forecast for heavy rain this morning, I was really not looking forward to taking my tent down in the pouring rain. But I awoke to the sound of silence, no rain. I quickly took down the tent and packed it up. As I was putting it in the car, the heavens opened and down came the heavy rain. Perfect timing !! Thank you God.

Raining Cats and Dogs

I woke up at 3:30 am to the sound of golf ball sized drops of heavy rain bouncing off my tent. The noise made me imagine what it would sound like to stick my head into a commercial popcorn popper. It’s amazing how sheltering a bit of thin material can make you feel when it’s keeping you dry. The forecast for today makes me think that it’s best to just relax in my tent and watch the mist roll across the mountain.


Intro to camping

My first time camping and first time pitching a tent, so I’m very pleased with myself. But I’m easing into the wild living by pitching at camp sites. Fingers crossed the weather will be kind and I’ll have 11 days of tent life. If not, I’ll be heading to the nearest bed and breakfast.


Taking the High Road

It’s time for some real walking again and after a summer in the Surrey hills, it’s time to hit the Highlands, the Scottish Highlands.  In three days I’m setting off on a five hundred mile drive up to Glen Coe where I plan to do some serious miles, in some of the most spectacular landscape in Britain.  But in the Highlands it’s not enough to walk the lochs and glens, with those amazing mountains, I’ve got to do some climbing too.  So, weather permitting, the goal is to climb Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain.