Yoga for Nepal

View from the yoga mat this morning at the Yoga for Nepal charity classVersion 2


Experience the Beauty


Experience the Beauty

Yesterday I went to a photo exhibition and was drawn to a set of beautiful images of simple things like a leaf floating in a puddle or a feather caught in a branch (much like the image I’ve reblogged above).  It got me thinking about how we continually encounter yet don’t register beautiful things in our life. And about how we really take for granted the senses that enable us to experience this beauty.  If I knew that tomorrow an accident would cause me to lose my sight, I would spend today absorbing every wondrous sight I could.  Or if that accident would cause me to lose my hearing, I would be listening to every birdcall or dog’s bark.  So tomorrow when your alarm clock wakes you, give thanks that you can hear and when you open your eyes, give thanks that you can see.