Buying a suit is a nightmare

I’ve decided to buy a suit.  Why?  Well after renting a suit for a wedding earlier this year and now needing a suit for another wedding, I’ve concluded that it makes financial sense to buy a suit, as long as it’s casual enough to be used more than twice a year.

So, easy financial decision, just go buy a casual suit, right?  Well, maybe financial sense doesn’t equate to emotional sense, because, in my whole life, I don’t remember buying anything being this difficult.  Maybe it’s because deep down I don’t really want to own a suit, but I just can’t seem to find anything that makes me want to part with my money.  If it was outdoor clothing or a travel item, one hour on the internet and whatever I needed would be on its way to me.  But after visits to numerous shops and hours online, my head is spinning and I’m no closer to finding the suit I need.  Every suit seems to be either for heavy tweed for old men, bland grey for office workers or designer skinny for teenage boys.

This kind of shopping stress just reminds me why I love a simple, minimalist lifestyle.  So in the end, I might ignore financial sense, rent another boring suit, and save the space in my rucksack for a something much more useful.

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