My month of no meat

On New Year’s Eve as the clock struck midnight after I’d tucked into a fantastic meal of beef wellington and roast duck, I made a resolution – I would not eat meat for the month of January.  My waistline had increased a bit after a month of celebration with friends, family and food, so this was all part of my ‘get back to health’ plan for January.  As a meat lover, I thought that giving up meat for a month would be very challenging, so instead of simply eliminating meat from my normal diet, I looked for wholesome plant substitutions to expand my normal diet.  I discovered a love of sweet potatoes, quinoa, falafel and lentils.  I rediscovered my childhood love of avocados and beans.  As I eliminated dairy, I discovered that I love almond milk and as I radically cut back on added sugar, apples and bananas taste sweeter every day.  Well, one month has turned into three and I can’t see myself ever going back to eating meat.  My waistline is back to normal, my energy levels are higher than ever and I’m exercising more.  I feel lighter and healthier in body, mind and sprit.  So try going meatless for a month, you may just love the results.

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