Costumes, Masks and Pyjamas

At this time of year as you see kids putting on costumes and masks for halloween,  I thought about the costumes we put on in life.  Once upon a time, I would don my corporate costume –  designer suit, silk tie, tailored shirt (complete with cufflinks) and polished calf leather shoes – and head off at 6am to a job that I hated.  The cost of those clothes was more than I spend now for everything for an entire month.  My true preference in clothes was much more modest; the days that I worked from home I would dress in my favourite comfortable shorts and t-shirt, but of course that outfit would be unacceptable in the office.
We do the same throughout our life.  Instead of ‘dressing’ in the clothes, values and lifestyle with which we would be truthfully comfortable, we don the ‘costumes and masks’ that are most acceptable to the world – career ladder climber, pension saver, homeowner, people user, stuff collector.  I find it intriguing to encounter people who ‘dress’ differently.  To explore what makes these people courageous enough (or crazy enough) to wear pyjamas to the office.

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