B&B lifestyle

I’ve just spent the last ten days in a Bed & Breakfast and will be here for another ten before moving on.  This is a radical change from both my recent Camino life of a different bed every night as well as my life a few months ago in a four bedroom house.  This lifestyle creates a difference in the way I interact with the world around me.  I am using public spaces (coffee houses, parks, library, etc) for relaxation and work, even finding that I’m developing a favourite seat or spot much like I would have had my favourite chair at home.  It’s also now two months since I sold my car, relying on walking or public transport.  Not having a kitchen forces me to think of my food needs in daily terms and to keep it simple. I’m finding two distinct changes occurring with me.  My normal thought timeframe is dropping from weeks or months down to days – grounding me more in the moment. And I’m becoming more observant of and interactive with the people around me.  So far, so good.

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