As I celebrate three years of simplicity, I look back and remember the hundreds of blogs and sites that I read. To celebrate, here are the top 5 links that inspired and helped me when I was starting. These are amazing people who practice what they preach. Simplicity turns them on!

1. zenhabits – Leo Babauta was the first minimalist I encountered on the web. Start with the Beginner’s Guide to his site. Leo also has another blog called mnmal which focuses more on minimalism. Check him out at simple links here on Tumblr. If you want an e-book, I read his e-book Focus and Simple Guide To A Minimalist Life.

2. becoming minimalist – One of my favorites then (until now) is Joshua Becker. I like his writing style and topics. He has inspired me to be a great minimalist husband and dad. I highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter (I do). You can also follow Joshua here on Tumblr at substance over stuff (I do). 

3. far beyond the stars (archive) – I learned a lot from Ev Bogue when he used to write primarily about minimalism. So I’m sharing with you the link to his old site. Start with his October 2009 posts.

4. the value of voluntary simplicity – Richard B. Gregg wrote this mind opening piece in 1936. This has had a great impact on my philosophy about simplifying / minimalism. 15 pages only. By the way, I learned about Gregg when I read Voluntary Simplicity.

5. laws of simplicity – John Maeda is a graphic designer, computer scientist, university professor and author. He wrote the book ‘Laws of Simplicity’ which also had a great impact on how I simplified things. Here’s a video of John on the simple life.

How about you? Which online resources focused on simplicity and minimalism have turned you on? Write me 🙂

Simplicity turns me on,


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