You can be a conduit for others to be blessed

In some of the smaller towns finding a bed for the night can be quite difficult. I had read that a new private albergue had opened in Najera so I decided to try to reserve a bed for the next night. I emailed the albergue and received a prompt reply telling me that they had reserved a bed for me. I walked the 31km (20 miles) feeling good that I had a bed waiting for me. As I entered the albergue I saw several people in the lounge who all told me how fantastic this new albergue was. But things didn’t work as I’d planned. My reservation was not written in their system and the albergue was completely full. I had no bed for the night.
I wandered around Najera searching for a bed. Finally I found a cafe with a poster for a small albergue. The cafe owner took me to a house with two rooms. I sat down with relief in a room with four beds all for myself. The other room was occupied by three pilgrims that I had met a few days before.
I went out for some food that evening and at 10 pm as I was paying my bill as the whole town was closing for the evening, I looked up in disbelief to see Dave and Anna walking into town. My first walking companions, I had lost contact with them days earlier. It turns out that they had joined in the weekend fiesta festivities in Viana and being more than a little intoxicated, had spent the last two nights sleeping out on benches unable to find a bed. Now arriving at 10pm, after walking 40km (26 miles) they were resigned to spending a third night outside. But that was not to be. I took them to the cafe and met the owner just as he was closing up. I didn’t spend the night in the fantastic, new albergue and I didn’t have a room to myself after all; my two friends had a bed to sleep in instead. The only problem was Dave snored all night.

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