Living in Faith or Fear

These twelve Jesus sent out … no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff. Matthew 10:10

As I pack and repack my rucksack, debating the necessity of every item for my Camino, I think about how we evaluate the necessity of stuff for the journey of life.  I read somewhere that we pack out of fear.  I’m afraid of blisters so I pack lots of plasters.  It might rain so I have a rain jacket and waterproof over-trousers.  One extra shirt will do but two will be better.

Life is the same.  We’re afraid of being homeless, so we aspire to buy our own house.  Three bedrooms will do but what about guests; should have a guest room or better yet two, in case they bring their kids?  £10,000 in the bank is a good cushion but £20,00 is better. Ten pairs of shoes will do but twenty pairs are better.  Out of fear, we seek security in our possessions, our money, our job, our abilities.  But what if those very things distance us from our only true security – our faith in God. Are these false idols that draw our attention from our loving Father, the Creator of the Universe?  Do we live a life of faith or a life of fear?

So as I repack for what seems like the hundredth time, I’ve decided to add a small bottle of hand wash (because I’m afraid catching a stomach bug).  But, I’m leaving behind my expensive, waterproof over-trousers because I have faith that the rain will be warm and my quick-dry shorts and skinny legs will be just fine.

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