I Am Truly Blessed

Today was my last church service before departing on the Camino in five days.  Even though only attending Vineyard for a few months, this church has really been one of the blessings that God has given me this past year.  We hadn’t had a church service for the past four weeks (during which time I’d sold my house, car, furniture and everything that doesn’t fit into my rucksack) so I was really looking forward to a time of worship and fellowship before departing.  

Well as often happens, God had a message for me too.  We had a guest speaker, who led us through a healing session.  As I prayed for healing for a young lady who suffers from severe, chronic back and leg pain requiring crutches to walk, I became immensely aware of how blessed I am to be able to just simply get up and walk. So as I walk these 500 miles to Santiago, I will be walking and praying for her; praying that one day she too will be able to walk the Camino.

Before I left church, the young lady and two other friends prayed for God to walk with me on my Camino.  What more can I ask for; friends who understand and pray for all I really need – to walk in the presence of God.  I am truly blessed.

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