Simplify, Lighten the Load – Forgive

Last week, the theme in church was ‘forgiveness’ and the pastor said something that really made me think – “forgiveness isn’t fair”.  To forgive or to be forgiven does not result in fairness or justice.  So often we refuse to forgive because another has treated us unfairly and we’re waiting for fairness or justice.  He also said “forgiveness is a choice” and doesn’t have any prerequisite, not even an apology or remorse from the person who has wronged you.

Then and there I decided to forgive my ex-wife actions that have caused me great pain and for which I have been carrying anger for a long time. She has never apologised or expressed remorse to me.  But this wasn’t about her, this was about me.  I didn’t want to carry this burden any more.  I prayed for the spiritual strength to truly forgive, not just for a few minutes in church but permanently, once and for all.  As I declared this and prayed, a heavy load lifted from my spirit.  It was as if I has taken a bag filled with stones off my shoulder and set it down on the ground.  I even felt the relief physically.

During this week and even through contact with my ex, I have continued to have this feeling of lightness in this matter.  I can now confidently say this is once more ‘thing’ I have gotten rid of.  It is finished.

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